but you can call us RELATE

Relate is team of Photographers & Cinematographers, based in Trinidad & Tobago, who believe in marriage and love documenting Caribbean Weddings & Families. We’ve won multiple awards for our imagery and we are one of the best at creating powerful, yet beautiful wedding imagery.

We document relationships, we help preserve experiences and we shoot Authentically Caribbean, Multi-Cultural Weddings and Family Life.

Relate started as an amateur pursuit back in 2006 under a different name. Things started getting serious in 2008 when Juma decided to leave his job as a Graphic Designer to pursue photography full time. Things really got serious in 2011 when two friends (Juma & Ayinde) decided to start a new photography studio together called RELATE STUDIOS. Since then we have been taking the Caribbean by storm with beautiful documentation of Caribbean weddings.

Wedding photography is what we do best but we are also pretty good at Wedding Cinematography (Video) and for that we have to thank our cinema team; Jamiyl & Nicholas. Over the years we have shot thousands of frames at hundreds of weddings and we frequently travel for weddings.

We have been to Africa (Kenya), Antigua, Anguilla, Barbados, St Kitts & Nevis, St Thomas, St Vincent & the Grenadines (Bequia) and various locations in the USA (New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland and Ohio) on assignments and of course we have multiple weddings and family shoots every year here at home, in the Capital of Paradise, our sister isle, Tobago.

To see our work exclusively from Tobago please visit tobagoweddingphotography.com. We also do beautiful family photography which you can see at relatefamilyphotography.com. If you would like to know more about us, please visit our main website, RELATESTUDIOS.COM

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Our Core Team

Photography & Cinema

Juma Bannister
  • Juma Bannister

  • Creative Director / Lead Photographer
  • Master of the Crane Shot • Karaoke Wedding Singer
Ayinde Smith
  • Ayinde Smith

  • Studio Director / Lead Photographer
  • Relate Swag Aficionado • Keeps things, In ah Order
Jamiyl Mc Dougall
  • Jamiyl Mc Dougall

  • Cinematography Lead
  • Resident Strongman • Lover of Final Cut Plugins
Nicholas Winter
  • Nicholas Winter

  • Lead Editor / Cinematographer
  • Sports a Chin Warmer • Dance off Champion

What do we think about Wedding Photography?

...and Cinema

At the heart, our studio has always been about relationship and this carries over into our focus on Families & Wedding Photography. Although we like shooting and creating images, we believe that Relationship is More Important than Photography and thus we will always put things in that order. We believe that you deserve the best wedding images. Honest, Artistic, Lovely, Unique Images, that represent you.

Images that will make you smile, laugh, cry, sigh and wish that you could live the experience again. Images that will remind you of the commitment you made and encourage you in the journey to come. We know you value your wedding but more than that, we know you value your marriage so when we document your day, we intend to represent it right.

We will sing* at your wedding...

and no, you will not be charged extra 🙂

 *Disclaimer: Only Juma sings and only if you have Wedding Karaoke and there happens to be a song he knows and is willing to sing. No guarantees on quality of singing. Oh! And only if you want him to 🙂

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