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We like it when people compliment our photography but we get really excited when people are able to see how much value we place in their process. Marriage is a huge deal, so we don’t take it lightly. You would have seen some excerpts on our homepage but below are some more of the beautiful messages our couples have sent to use over the years. Plus, Relationship is more Important than Photography.

Chris & Jemma

We received multiple messages from Chris & Jemma and their family. Chris and Jemma probably don’t know it, but this email we received from them in 2010 changed us and is impacting us to this day.

Hi Juma,
We got the photos today! They are stunning! Thank you again for taking the time to re-send them.It really did feel as though we knew you before the day, which is credit to your wonderful spirit, and your great gift to ‘RELATE’. Anyway, please keep in touch. It’s been a pleasure to know you and have you capture the most special day of lives. All the best for the future and may God bless and watch over you always,

love Jemma and Chris

Christina (Mother of the Bride)

The wedding of Jemma and Chris was a truly magical and unforgettable experience which will always be remembered in our hearts, thoughts and treasured memories captured by a unique set of photographs which will keep those memories alive…thank you Juma for innovation and creativity

Christina (Jemma’s mum)

Jemma & Chris Wedding

Brian & Robin

Our first and last video testimonial


Why hello 🙂 Just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you again for our PHENOMENAL pictures. We absolutely love them and everyone who has seen them is extraordinarily impressed and blown away by your compositions and your ability to capture the most perfect moments 🙂 if you want or need any additional rave reviews, please let us know!! And now I’m off to pack for the honeymoon! Enjoy the rest of your trip and we’ll talk to you soon 🙂

Give Brenda a big hug for us!
Robin + Brian
(Robin and Brian also did a hilarious video testimonial for us when we visited them the following year, for that: CLICK HERE)


Stiva & Kahaya

Hi guys!

We’ve just finished watching the pictures! Pleasantly surprised at the amount and so happy we chose you as photographers! Every time I see your work I always feel that way! I’m still digesting the photos so can’t properly find all the words to describe my gratitude and admiration for the work that you guys did! I’m especially in love with many of the portrait and preparation pictures!It was such a pleasure to work with you and you made us feel comfortable and at ease from the time we did the engagement shoot! Fabulous work! Truly in awe of many of the pictures. Some of the shots of the venue from the reception folder come to mind. Thanks a million for your professionalism and superb natural talent. We hope our paths cross again and maybe when I digest the pictures more ( after my fourth or fifth viewing or so) I can properly express my gratitude.



Jim & Sasha

Hi Ayinde,

Hope you are well. The album looks fantastic I am so pleased with it. Jim hasn’t seen it yet as I am spending Christmas with my family, but he will join us next week. He loved all the photos from the online gallery 🙂

The USB key is impressive!

Do let me know if there is anywhere to leave an official review for you guys, we are happy to do so. And if we didn’t say it before, feel free to use any of your shots from the day for your online portfolio, etc etc.

Hope you and the gang have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thank you for all your hard work and getting the album to us so quickly, we are so thankful.

Merry Christmas,


(We also got feedback when we blogged their wedding)

Thank you to Relate Studios! Ayinde and Juma you guys are completely awesome. We will cherish these photos forever, we couldn’t have asked for more wonderful images of the day. And thank you to Marie for all the hard work getting the album ready and delivered etc!

Aaron & Becky

(We got 2 great emails from Becky and Aaron – this is before they saw the photos)

Hi Juma!
Hello from Colorado! Aaron and I got back last week and are enjoying the cold for a change :). You and Brenda need to try it at least once! We are looking forward to a nice fire, some snuggling and some snow for the weekend. I just wanted to thank you. Your rolled up cuffs and bare feet were a perfect fit for our very special day. Thank you so much for the calming, special presence you brought us. Your ability to capture amazing moments is beyond words and I know how completely lucky we were to have you that day .Your photos and your company were a highlight for us and I thank you for everything you brought Aaron and I October 17th. I’m bummed we couldn’t meet Brenda, but, I can’t wait to get you guys up to the rocky mountains ;). I hope you have been healthy and happy since we saw you and I wish you a relaxing weekend.

Warm wishes,
Badger and Bear

(This is after they saw the photos)

Hi Juma!!
We got our pictures last week and we can’t stop looking at them! They are so beautiful! My favorite one is of the candle kites and I think I will put it in my office to inspire my boring days! We hope you guys are in good health and enjoying the new year. Please let us know if we can add any comments about your amazing work to your website or for references.

Until later,
Badger and Bear


Keilan & Chinyere

First and foremost we really want to thank you guys for providing the quality of service that you did at our wedding. We heard that it you all were good, but seeing and experiencing it was remarkable. Thanks a mil for also going the extra mile with us and staying with us after the allotted time had expired.


Randell & Rita

Hi Juma,
The package arrived earlier this week. The pictures are stunning. I’m having a hard time sorting through them as I end up crying at how beautiful they turned out. You really captured the essence of the wedding & the people who attended. Thank you so much for your work & your infinite patience.

Rita & Randell


Domel & Mariya

Hi Juma,
The pictures are awesome! We received the disks with all the wonderful pictures, thank you so much! They are great and so many good ones, we don’t know which ones to pick. We’re going to make a book, but its definitely a hard pick! It was great meeting you and having you photograph our wedding.

Take care,
Mariya and Domel

(We got two mails from Mariya and Domel)

Juma, you were the best! We love looking at your pictures over and over. It was the best time in our lives, we can honestly say we had the best time at our own wedding, and your pictures really capture it all.Thanks for always being at the right place, at the right time and helping us re-live these amazing memories over and over again. Sorry we missed you in nyc – please let us know next time you’re there.
Mariya & Domel


Zaheer & Amita

Juma, what have you done to me?! I can’t stop watching the trailer! You guys did a B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L job. Please convey our huge thanks to the rest of the team…. If this is the trailer, I can’t even imagine what the full video looks like!!!

Zaheer & Amita


Martin & Krystal

Hi guys,

Not sure if I ever checked back in to say that the pictures are absolutely fantastic! I got so busy with work that I just remembered I never got around to saying that. We are really happy with how everything turned out. You all did an amazing job and I can’t say enough good things If you ever need anyone to write a recommendation anywhere, please hit me up!


Kamau & Mariyah

Just wanted to say that the pictures are beautiful and they were worth the wait. Thank you so much for the lovely photos of our special day; they really captured our wedding day and we will treasure them <3


Jay & Ame

Juma Juma Juma, So I received the DVD on Friday but J was away for work and I swore to him that we would look at them together when they arrived. This was probably the worst promise I’ve ever made as the pic on the cover was absolutely amazing and left me luring for more….but you will be glad to know I fulfilled my promise and somehow managed to wait until Monday. Honestly saying thank you would be an understatement. OMG (and by the way every time this song comes on I think of you because you were singing it while taking pics of the ladies getting ready ) it was like re-living the entire day through the pics. You captured everything we wanted and more. God has truly blessed you with a special talent. We just want to say a huge THANK YOU. PS-I’m trying my hardest to figure out how we can work with you again. My guess will be in a few yrs when the little ones come around.

Jay & Ame


Dotun & Dominique

Doms and I received the photos last night and had the most amazing time going through them! We’re so grateful for your friendship, professionalism and the gift that God has clearly given you!! You captured so many amazing moments and we were able to relive our wonderful day through your pictures. We will be telling the kids “Uncle Juma” was responsible for the pictures in this album! 🙂 Thanks again and love to Brenda.

Dotun & Dominique Adefulu


Oliver & Marchelle

Oh my goodness, it’s a good thing we don’t have plans for the next few evenings… I’ve only just looked at the first page so far but I’m already blown away. Thank you, thank you, thank you. It was an absolutely spectacular day to live through, but having these wonderful photos to keep the memories alive is just beyond words! We’re recommending you left, right and centre already!

(We got two mails from Marchelle & Oliver)

Juma, your pics are amazing.
We had a lil UK blessing & party for the folks who couldn’t make it to Trinidad in January just last weekend (OK, it was really on the scale of another wedding – how spolit are we!) and we put up a big board with prints of photos from the Ortinola wedding in the reception area… People were crazy jealous they hadn’t been able to fly out! One setta folks asked me who was the amazingly talented photographer we used. The pics are so beautiful…Yuh know you already booked for our vow renewals/anniversary parties/christenings/etc!

Marcie & Oli


Garvin & Sarah

(We also got 2 great emails from Sarah and Garvin – this is before they saw all the photos)

Juma…you’re the talk of the Pillmore/Amore/Prescod family…can’t tell you how much everyone enjoyed your personality, your professionalism, and even now just a snapshot of the photos…you’re a superstar and Garvin and I are already talking about how we get you to the US to photograph our family in the future!!!

Sarah & Gavin

(Another mail before they saw all the photos)

Mr. Bannister…there is HUGE demand for you to come to the Chicago/Wisconsin area…and now my friends are talking about making trips to tobago specifically to have their kids, families, etc. photographed by you…you can’t believe what a superstar you have become up here!! And they haven’t even seen all the pics yet!!

Sarah Pilmore Prescod

Juma Bannister

Darren & Juanne

I still get all googly eyed watching these pics!!! thank you guys sooo much for everything! Looking forward to working with you guys again!


Reece & Celeste

Thank you so much Juma Bannister!! ‘Twas a joy & blessing!!! And of course the pics are AWESOME!!


Neil & Abby

Juma, I really don’t know what to say to you. Your work speaks for itself. When I first booked with you, everyone was a little skeptical only because your pictures was so photojournalistic. But not me, I had confidence and boy was I right. I can’t stop looking at these pictures. Freaking amazing Juma.

Abby & Neil


Nicholas & Sandy

Thank you Relate Studios and Juma Bannister for capturing our very special day and creating this album which displays the love we share. Your work is simply amazing and breathtaking!


David & Ayesha

Hi Ayinde,

Thank you so much !!! We LOVE LOVE the photos!!! You really did a fantastic job, capturing each moment so perfectly. We literally spent a few days poring over the pics 🙂 One of my faves is 230. We really appreciate your work and committment, from simply being there on the day, not knowing exactly when your little one was arriving, to braving the hot sun (and church!) to staying well into the evening. David and I are hoping to celebrate our first anniversary back home; it would be the perfect opportunity to take some couple pics. When we get it all figured out, I’ll give you a shout for sure. Congrats again to you and your wife. Enjoy all the blessings of parenthood 🙂

All the best, Ayesha & David


Mervyn & Irie

Hey Team I’m speechless. 100% fantastic Thanks again for everything, that day will remain forever special to Mervin and myself…..never thought one could fall inlove all over again Thanks for making it happen



Joel & Tricia

Cant thank you enough Juma & Ayinde for such lovely Photos. You guys are amazing. *Relate Rocks!!!


Chris & Seema

Jums!!!!! We are stealing a peek at an Apple Store at Caesar’s Palace (not even our hotel) in LAS VEGAS!!!!!!! Excellent!!!! I can’t wait to see the rest. I love the one of the hole in my dress!!!!!


Bobby & Melissa

These photos brought back the great time we had for our Wedding Tobago …. You guys did a great … wonderful … words can’t express it … job … we LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics


Amal & Ambah

(We got 2 mails from Amal & Ambah)

Hi Juma!
Let me start by saying that I am truly pleased with the way the pictures turned out. Despite the weather and the lack of light you guys rocked it! I honestly couldn’t be happier. THANK YOU! I also wanted to say that I wasn’t just happy with the pictures but the way you both mingled and integrated with everyone it felt like you were part of the fam. My friends and I had a really good time with you guys at the hotel. It was easy, fun and the atmosphere was light. It was really appreciated. Thank you


Hi Juma,
Thanks so much for sending the pictures. We truly do love them. You guys did an amazing job not just with the final product but how you integrated yourselves into the day and simple blended in with everyone. They were definitely worth the wait. Thanks again!

Ambah and Amal


Bernice & Conrad

OMG!!! Thanks Juma! Thanks Ayinde! Thanks to your team! You guys really captured the moment vividly as the events unfolded! Amazing photography…looking forward to seeing the rest soon 🙂

Much Love!

B&C – Bernice & Conrad


Ronnie & Fairouz

Well…Perfection! These photos are priceless -literally. Marcia thanks for all the positive comments by the by! On behalf of Ronnie and myself – we would recommend Relate Studios to anyone who is getting married or needs any kind of photography. I’m only hoping they are prepared to come England for the rest of our photography needs (baptisms, anniversaries etc


Rishi & Toni

The smile I have when I look at our photos..ahhhh..I am in awe every time! The moments are captured so well that I just want to go back to the day and do it all over again 😉 !! for real lol. BEST decision I made..beside marrying Rishi of course was hiring Relate Studios 🙂


Ian & Celeste

Was a dream come true, never thought this type of photography was right here in Trinidad> We were happy to have you accept to share our memories with us and are forever grateful that our love has been etched into such lovely photos..thanks:)


Miro & Ebony

Hi Juma,

I just wanted to pass on the wonderful comments we’ve gotten on our wedding photos. We are so glad we made the decision to use your services. Your pictures captured the emotions (and the motions! lol!) that took place over our wedding weekend. The reactions from our friends, family and co-workers have ranged from “Wow!” and “Amazing!” to “Where did you find your photographer???” Thanks so much for your work.

Best regards from Frankfurt,
Ebony Morczinek


Omo & Lisa


a picture does paint a thousand words all I can say is WOW!! Thank you so much! After the event of the day we have the priceless and countless memories of these pictures to cherish for a lifetime and generations to come! Do not take for granted what God has deposited in you.

Lisa and Omo.



Stefan & Livia

Thanks for uploading the pics, we are completely blown away by the pics!! I was actually getting butterflies while watching the pics and remembering the entire day.

Livia & Stefan


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