What is our Style?

A simple 5 step guide to how Relate creates images

Each photographer or photography studio has their own unique style when shooting or editing images. We ourselves have been asked the question; “What is your photography style?” multiple times over the years so for the benefit of everyone who wants to get to know us better, we decided to share the 5 key things that define the Relate Wedding Photography style.


We LOVE Relationships

...because Relationship is more important than Photography

We have an eye for relationships and interactions. Whether it’s between the Bride & Groom, among Friends and Family or even the wedding vendors, we aim capture emotion, expression, reactions, unguarded moments and other subtleties of human connection.


We Document

...and we do it WELL

Our primary goal at any wedding is to tell the truth of the day. More than just the event, we want to accurately represent the character of your wedding, so we stay out of the way and we photograph things as they unfold; from the intimate to the fun. The only exception to this is your portrait session and the BOOTH .


We have an affinity for Colour & Contrast

We shoot and edit to bring out the most intense but natural feeling in the colour and contrast. There have been times where we do a different edit because of the type of image but usually we like deep blacks and colours that “pop”.


We appreciate BIG environments

...and we create images that show them off

While we love relationships, we often step back, go big and get the macro context of the day.



We love to Light

...and we know how to do it

We are always searching for different ways to light things, either with natural or artificial light and we often use multiple light set-ups for our photography.

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