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We’ve been asked many questions about our services over the years, these are just a few of the popular ones. If the answer to your question isn’t here, please don’t hesitate to MESSAGE US and we will send you an answer promptly.

Do you offer video?

Why yes. We shoot High Definition Cinematic video, we just refer to it as Cinematography. You can see some of that in our Cinema Section HERE.

Do you do traditional posed portraits as well?

Yes, we shoot traditional posed portraits of the family and bridal party at every wedding we cover, unless the bride and groom request otherwise.

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes. We shoot wedding outside of Trinidad & Tobago multiple times a year, mostly in the Caribbean and sometimes in the USA and we’ve been as far as Africa to shoot a wedding. We love new locations and our passports are always current, if you want great destination wedding photography, look no further.

How many photographers will be at my wedding?

Packages come with one photographer. While this is standard, you can have two photographers at your wedding for an additional cost and sometimes, if the stars align, both Ayinde and Juma will show up and shoot at no extra cost to you.

Do you have an assistant?

Generally, yes but an assistant is not always necessary depending on the size of the wedding, once we know your details we’ll be able to determine if we need one.

What is the BOOTH?

The BOOTH is a service that we offer for weddings and other events. Its essentially a photobooth where guests can have fun taking photographs with various novelty props. For examples and more information you can check out our BOOTH section HERE

How much photos will I be getting?

Typically, we shoot at a rate of about 80 images per hour. For example a 10 hour wedding will garner approximately 800 images.

I know we've hired you but can we have a family member/friend shoot the wedding too?

While we are happy to assist with any photographer’s development, having to work around another assigned photographer, who is not part of our team, may impede our ability to get the best photographs/video and ultimately this will affect the final product. Unless you are willing to take the risk, we would advise against it. Guests taking personal photos is fine, once they are considerate. Have a look at the video below and you’ll see what we mean.

Is there a minimum height requirement to work at Relate?

For a long time the average height in Relate was 6’3″ but in 2011 we were forced to change company policy when Nicholas came on board in the Cinematography department. He’s 5’5″ or something like that (we’re too embarrassed to measure), now we’re like “whatever”.

Can we pay after we get our photographs?

No. In order to reserve a date advance payment is required. Final payments have to be made at least one week before your actual wedding day.

Do you do/include prints with packages?

No, we do not include prints, as it is more cost effective for clients to make their own prints from the high resolution photographs we supply with each package. We do however provide an enlargement and framing service.

Can we have the RAW files?

No, We don’t include raw files in packages. Why? The video below explains it pretty well.

Do you do Albums?

Yes. We order our albums from KISSBOOKS. They provide beautiful high-end, professional, printed products. Check our their product line.

Are the prices the same for locals and non-locals?

Yes, as fairness would dictate. There is however an additional cost for any travel, including to Tobago.

Do you have a call card?

No, the last time we printed cards was when Ayinde won 200 free call cards at a trade show in 2011, we gave out the last of those sometime in 2014. Um, so yeah…please feel free to check out our AWESOME WEBSITE 

Are you going to post our wedding online?

As part of our ongoing marketing, we do post some client images to our blog, facebook, twitter, instagram, or any other outlet that allows us to showcase our work to our target audience. Having new people see what we can do keeps things going. Apart from that some images are just so incredible that it would be an injustice to keep them to ourselves.

How long before we see our Photographs and Video?

You should receive an online preview gallery at around 5-6 weeks. If your wedding is during peak wedding season, May-October, it will take approximately 10-12 weeks to complete your photographs. Off season, completing your photographs will take approximately 8-10 weeks. Video will take an additional 2 weeks in each instance.

What does Photography & Cinema cost?

You can see the base cost of our services HERE. For full packages, MESSAGE US.

Is there anything else I should know?

We use professional Nikon Gear, We have back up equipment, We have more than 14 years experience shooting weddings combined, In that time we’ve shot over quarter million images at over 200 weddings, we shoot RAW, we edit everything, we do Contracts, we dress in shirts and (bow) ties for weddings, Our style is documentary. (whew*) Also we recommend this great article, 12 things wedding photographers want to tell you, but can’t at

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