Happy to finally post these images of Ian & Tamica’s wedding.

Tamica had been searching for a photographer and well…I’ll let her explain:

“I have been looking for the right photographer for this special day and no one seemed to fit. Was in Superpharm last week and browsed the magazine section and found Caribbean Belle. Today I opened it and fell in love with your photos and the article.”

And that’s basically how we were able to be a part of their day.

Tamica describes herself as a city girl and Ian as a country boy and they were looking for beautiful photographs that they could look back and smile and remember their day. How the day felt was very important to them; they didn’t want an uptight event but more like a family lime where everyone comes together and had a wonderful experience. Even the location of Castara holds special significance for Tamica and Ian. Tamica said that whenever she’s there, somehow everything was ok. I’ll be the first to disagree and say on that day everything was more than OK, it was beautiful.

Congratulations Ian & Tamica.

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