This is the first of 5 shoots we did earlier this year on our trip to the US.

We were glad to be able to start things off in New York with Nicholas & Sangeeta because we’ve known Nick for a long time, but until that afternoon, we never met Sangeeta. Despite that, interacting with them felt so familiar; just like any one of our past couples. For this shoot everything unfolded in our favor; it was raining all that morning but the rain stopped and the skies cleared up when we got there. As a result the temperature rose just enough to allow us to get out of our heavy jackets and despite the environment being a bit damp, everyone had a great time during the shoot.

Even though we weren’t able to shoot their wedding, this (kinda) made up for it 🙂 Thanks Nic & Sangeeta

Soon we will be posting a “How We Shot it” for one of the images on this shoot and some behind the scenes images on our blog.

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